Perches that keep toenails trimmed

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What kind of perches work best for keeping my parrots toenails trimmed

Perches that keep toenails trimmed

Parrots do not like to have their toenails trimmed and most parrot owners do not like to trim. It is easy to trim too high and cause bleeding which creates problems of its own. We have found that the Sandy Perches are by far the best perches to have to maintain trimmed toenails. The more time your parrot spends on a sandy perch the better. These perches are actually manzanita branches covered with a sand mixture. We do not recommend the concrete variety as they will absorb the moisture from the birds feet. Sandy Perches come in several different applications ( cage perches, shower perches, chain swings, feeding perches, etc. ) to offer your parrot an opportunity to spend more time during different activities. This is deffinately a win - win for parrots and parrot owners. For more information on Sandy Perches, go to



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