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What foods should I never give my bird?

Avocado and Chocolate

Avocado and chocolate are toxic to birds. NEVER allow your bird these foods.

What are seed moths?

Seed moths

Seed moths are small harmless insects that may fly up out of your bird's seed supply. Try storing seeds in the freezer to cut down on this annoyance.

Is peanut butter okay for my bird?

Birdie sandwiches

Offer your bird a special birdy sandwich. Spread peanut butter on whole wheat bread and sprinkle it with raisins. Watch your bird dig in!

What fruits should I offer my finches or canaries?

Finches and canaries love fruit!

Finches and canaries should be offered apple slices, split grapes, citrus fruits and melon along with their regular seed diet. Watch them dig in!

Is a seed only diet okay for birds?

Feed a varied diet

Birds should not be given a seed-only diet. They need fresh fruits and vegetables, a good quality seed mix, lots of fresh water and even some people foods. By not providing a good all-around diet you could be shortening your bird's life span.

Should I offer lots of water?

Fresh water

Always offer plenty of fresh, clean water. If your bird tends to dunk his food in the water cups or likes to bathe in his drinking water, you will need to refresh the water supply often.

How should I serve fresh fuits or veggies?

Fruits and veggies serving sizes

Offer such foods as corn on the cob or apple in small pieces. Some birds might be afraid of a full-size ear of corn or a whole apple. On the other hand, some birds will love the larger servings! See what your bird is comfortable with.

Can I feed my bird dry cereal?

Dry cereal

Dry corn flakes or rice puffs are a fun treat. Offer your bird some next time you have cereal. No milk for the birds, though! Their systems won't process it well.

Can I feed my bird table scraps?

People food

‘People food' can be offered if it's not fatty or greasy, too sugary or fried. Some favorites are oatmeal, pizza, rice, pasta, plain pancakes, cheese, or even an occasional well-drained french fry.

Is caffeine dangerous to birds?

Avoid caffeine

Avoid giving your birds caffeine. Their small systems can't tolerate it.

Are sunflower seeds okay to give my bird on a regular basis?

Sunflower seeds

Sunflower seeds should be fed sparingly. They are fattening!

Is vitamin K important?

Vitamin K and conures

Conures need lots of vitamin K. Broccoli is high in vitamin K and should be offered several times a week.

Why are my bird´s droppings loose after he eats fruits?

Loose droppings

Fresh fruits and some vegetables may cause loose droppings. This is normal.

Are Cheerios all right for birds?


Dry cereal, such as Cheerios, make a fun ‘finger' snack for your birds! Never give birds milk--their systems aren't equipped to process it.

Can I feed my bird peas or beans?

Peas and beans

Cooked peas and beans are great for pet birds. Blanch the peas or beans and don't season them with lots of salt or fat. Make sure the foods are cool before giving them to the birds.

Is it okay to let my bird have a sip of beer or wine?

No alcohol!

Never give your birds beer, wine or other alcoholic beverages!

Is grated carrot good for cockatiels?

Grated carrots

Grated carrots are fun for cockatiels. Watch them get it all over their faces! (It won't leave a permanent orange stain.)

Can I give my bird corn on the cob?

Corn on the cob

Corn on the cob is fun for parrots! Even small birds like parakeets and cockatiels will enjoy pecking the kernels off the cob.

Can I give my bird rice or pasta?

Fun 'people' food

Cooked rice or pasta is a great treat for birds! Offer plain rice or noodles--birds also love a bit of spaghetti sauce on their pasta. Just make sure not to give them any fatty sauces or anything greasy.

Can I feed my toucan Fruit Loops?

Toucans and cereal--No!!

Toucans do NOT eat cereal! They require fresh fruits such as grapes, a good quality food made especially for them, and even pinky mice.

Is whole wheat bread okay to feed?

Whole wheat bread

Whole wheat bread is a wholesome food for pet birds. Most species will appreciate a slice to nibble on from time to time.

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