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Is non-stick cookware dangerous?

Non-stick cookware

Be careful when using non-stick cookware. The fumes from these pots and pans are toxic to birds. If you must use these items, be sure to open a window to vent the fumes. Avoid overheating the cookware.

How are doors and windows dangerous to birds?

Doors and windows

Be extremely careful when opening doors or windows when your bird is outside his cage. Make sure windows are screened! The bird might slip outside, or a cat or dog might sneak in and attack the bird.

Can other people give my birds snacks?

Visitors and food

Make sure visitors don't give your bird any food items without first checking with you. Non-bird people may not realize the dangers that some foods, such as avocado or chocolate, present to birds.

Is lead dangerous to birds?

Lead poisoning

Keep all lead items out of reach of birds! Birds love to chew and all it takes is a tiny bit of lead to fatally poison their small systems.

Is it safe for my bird to play around open containers of water?

Cover containers of water

Close toilet lids and cover aquariums when your bird is out; make sure any open containers of water are closed or off limits to your birds. It's too easy for an inquisitive bird to fall in and drown.

Why should I have my new bird seen by the vet?

New Bird Vet Checks

It's a great idea to have an avian vet give your new bird a check up before taking it home with you. This way, if there are any health problems with the bird it can be treated and medicated, or you can be given the option of choosing a different, healthy bird. The avian vet can also explain the neccesity of quarantining the new bird if you already have birds at home.

Is it safe to leave glasses of soda where my bird can find them?

Drowning hazards

Don't leave glasses or cups containing any amount of liquid where birds can find them. Birds have fallen head first into containers with only a small amount of liquid in the bottom and drowned.

Is it okay for my bird to take food from my mouth?

Sharing food

Never let your bird eat food from your mouth or pick at your teeth. There are bacteria in your saliva that can make your bird sick.

Is it safe for my bird to play on the floor?

Floor walkers

If your bird likes to walk around on the floor, be careful where you step! Many lovely pet birds have died because someone accidentally stepped on them.

How can I keep my bird from crashing into mirrors and windows?

Mirrors and windows

Place decals or stickers on windows or mirrors that your bird may have access to. Birds don't realize that these surfaces are hard and solid. A smack into a window or mirror could result in a serious injury!

Should I keep my make-up items out of reach of my bird?

Make-up dangers

Put away any makeup items your bird might be able to get to. You don't want your bird to eat any of these things! They could make him sick, or worse, might kill him.

How should I bird-proof my home?

Electrical cords and outlets

Restrict access to electrical cords and outlets. Bird-proof your home in the same manner you would child-proof it.

Are self-cleaning ovens dangerous to birds?

Self-cleaning ovens

Never use a self-cleaning oven when your birds are in the house. The fumes are deadly to birds. If you must run the self-cleaning feature, take your birds to a safe location away from the house. Maybe a visit to Grandma's would be in order!

How large a cage should I get?

Cage size

Get the largest cage you can afford. Make sure the bars are spaced appropriately for the species of bird you have.

Are ceiling fans dangerous to birds with clipped wings?

Ceiling fans

Turn ceiling fans OFF when your bird is playing outside its cage. Even birds with clipped wings can take flight if startled. Cockatiels and some conures can fly surprising well with clipped wings.
Don't take the chance of having your bird fly into an operating ceiling fan.

Is it safe for my bird to play on the furniture?

Look before you sit!

Watch where you sit! Some birds love to play among the pillows or afghans on furniture. Look before you sit down to avoid crushing a bird that may be lounging on the sofa.

Is paint dangerous to birds?

Paint and cleaners

Close any containers of paint or cleaning solutions your bird might find. These items would mean sure death to the bird who ingests them.

Is it okay to sleep with my bird?

Don't sleep with your bird!

Don't sleep with your bird! Should you roll over onto the bird in your sleep, he would be crushed beneath your weight.

What are some items I should keep my bird away from?

Off limit items

Birds are like children; anything they see goes into their mouths! Keep jewelry, makeup, batteries, paints, cleaners and anything else that might tempt your bird to chew or taste off-limits.

Can my bird stay on my shoulder when I´m cooking dinner?

Don't let your bird 'help' you cook!

Never let your bird sit on your shoulder while you are cooking. It would be too easy for her to lose her balance and fall onto a hot stove eye!

What should go into a bird first aid kit?

First Aid Kit

Keep a first aid kit in the bird room. Some things to include are styptic powder or cautery sticks, clean absorbent cloths or towels, nail clippers, a heating pad and a small lamp to be used to provide extra warmth. (You can get the cautery sticks from the vet.) Always keep the phone number of your favorite vet in the kit.

How should the cage bars be spaced?

Bar Spacing

Cage bars should be spaced so that smaller birds can't squeeze through and larger birds can't get their heads stuck between the bars.

Why should I quarantine new birds?

Quarantine New Birds

Always quarantine new birds for a minimum of 30 days in a room away from any birds already in your home. Even though the new bird may not appear sick, it could be harboring a disease that could make your other birds ill or even kill them!

How can I safely keep my bird outside?

Safety outside

Never leave your bird unattended in a cage, enclosure or carrier when outside. Predators (such as possums and raccoons) are a danger even in urban settings. Snakes, cats, dogs and biting insects should also be guarded against. (Source: Winged Wisdom E-zine November 1998 Issue)

Can I take my bird outside with me?

Taking birds outside

Never take your bird outside on your shoulder. A good gust of wind could cause a bird to become airborne, even if he has clipped wings. If you must take him outside, have the bird safely inside a cage or travel carrier.

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