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How do I choose a safe toy?

Choosing safe toys

Choose toys that have no small openings that could trap a bird's toe.

How can I get my shy bird to accept a new toy?

Introducing new toys to your Parrot

Gradually introduce new bird toys to your parrot. Begin by placing the toy on a table or counter within sight of your bird. After a day or so, when your bird has gotten used to seeing the new toy, move it closer. Let your bird approach the toy on its own. Parrots toys are neccessary entertainment for your pet.

What dog toys are okay for birds?

Dog chew toys

Doggy chew toys can be wonderful fun for parrots. Choose cowhide chew sticks, shoes, strips or any of the toys made from dried cowhide. Just don't let the bird soak the toy in her water cup! If this happens, discard the toy and offer another one.

Are swings good toys for birds?


Swings are fun for all types of birds! Make sure that the swing is attached firmly to the top of the cage and that it allows enough room for the bird to fit comfortably.

What can I use for fun, free bird toys?

Fun With Paper!

Junk mail and the paper subscription cards from magazines are fun for parrots. They enjoy ripping the paper to shreds and throwing the pieces down. Best of all, these bird toys are free! (Just make sure to use the non-perfumed cards.)

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