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Will frequent bathing help my bird through the molt?

Frequent Baths

Make sure your bird gets plenty of baths during the molt. The old feather sheaths will come off easier and your bird will be more comfortable.

What do I do if a blood feather breaks and starts to bleed?

Broken blood feathers

Should a blood feather break and start to bleed, use gentle pressure and styptic powder to stop the bleeding. If the bleeding continues, it may be necessary to remove the feather shaft--unless you have experience doing this, it's best to consult a vet.

What are blood feathers?

Blood feathers

Blood feathers are the new, sheath-encased feathers that grow in to replace the old, molted ones. Avoid bumping the blood feathers when playing with your bird. They could start to bleed.

What can I do to make molting easier on my bird?

Cranky birds

Some birds may be cranky or nippy during a molt. Make sure they're getting a good diet, plenty of rest, baths, and lots of TLC. Offer treats to soothe irritated feelings.

Should I scratch away the old dried feather sheaths?

Feather sheaths

You can make the molt more bearable for your bird by helping remove the old dried sheaths from her new head feathers. Gently scratch at the sheath with your fingernail until it powders and falls away. Careful, though. If the feather is sensitive, you may be rewarded for your trouble with a nip on the finger!

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