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Why does my brooding hen take so many baths?

Water and humidity

Provide lots of fresh water for bathing when your pair is on eggs. The hen will bathe frequently so that her wet feathers and body heat can provide the humidity needed to insure healthy egg shells for the developing chicks.

Why do strangers freak out my nesting birds?

Keep strangers away

Keep strangers and heavy activity away from your birds when they are on eggs. Too much stress can cause some birds to destroy their eggs or kill their newly hatched chicks. It's a good idea to put the nesting birds in a quiet room where they feel safe.

what is candling?

Candling the eggs

You can tell if your bird's eggs are fertile by holding them up to a strong light source. This is called ‘candling'. After a few days in the nest, candle the eggs. If the eggs are clear, they are infertile. If you can see a dark mass inside, the egg contains a developing chick!

Why is my hen having such messy droppings?

the breeding hen's droppings

The amount of droppings from a hen about to start laying or one that is sitting on eggs will be huge compared to those of a hen not in breeding mode.

Why is my pet bird so mean now that she´s on eggs?

My pet isn't a pet any more!

Some formerly friendly birds will become aggressive or ‘mean' when breeding. After breeding season is over and the chicks have fledged, most birds will regain their pet behavior. Continue to show them attention when they are nesting but don't crowd in on their activities. The birds will let you know when they're ready for your company.

How many eggs do cockatiels and finches lay per clutch?

How many eggs?

Cockatiels and finches lay between five and seven eggs per clutch.

Why won´t my parakeets breed?

Community breeding/parakeets

Parakeets need the company of other parakeets to breed. It's unusual for a single pair with no other parakeets around to produce young.

Why haven´t my new pair´s eggs hatched?

Infertile first clutches

Quite often the first clutch laid by a young inexperienced pair will be infertile. Don't give up--the birds will figure it out!

What is a clutch?

The Clutch

A nest of eggs is referred to as a ‘clutch'.

How many nest baskets do I need in an aviary for finches?

Have enough nest baskets!

If you keep finches or parakeets in an aviary, make sure there are more than enough nest baskets or boxes to go around. If too few nesting sites are available, the birds will fight over them.

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