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How can I keep my bird from bathing in his water cup?

Water Bottles

To keep your bird from bathing in her water cup, try using a water bottle that attatches to the outside of the cage. Some bottles can be refilled without removing it simply bt removing the top. Birds can easily learn to use these. Just keep an eye on things and make sure the bird has accepted it.

Why is my bird so dusty?

Cutting down on bird dust

Regular bathing cuts down on the amount of bird dust. Parrots, like Cockatoos, and orange-winged Amazons and birds like Cockatiels make a lot of dust. Their feathers will look much prettier and shinier with regular bathing.

Should I keep my bird warm after a bath?

Keep'em warm

Don't let your bird get chilled after bathing. You don't want him to catch a cold!

Is it okay for my bird to bathe in the sink?

Swimming in the Tub or Sink

Larger birds like conures, cockatoos, Amazons or macaws will enjoy bathing in the sink or bathtub. Run a couple of inches of lukewarm water into the sink or tub, and then stand back to enjoy the show! (Make sure to supervise bathing birds to prevent accidents.)

Is it okay for my bird to play in the water?

Playing in the Water!

Birds love to play in the water! If your bird enjoys bathing, provide a shallow container of water several times a week for your bird to splash around in. Or let him play in the sink! Always supervise a bird when it's near water--a waterlogged bird could drown.

What can I use for a bathtub for my little birds?

Container bathing

Provide a small, gently sloped container of water for finches and canaries to bathe in. These little guys love to play in the water!

What can I use to make a bathtub for my smaller birds?

Pie Plate Bathtubs

A shallow glass pie plate makes a fun bathtub for smaller birds! Put an inch or two of cool water in the pie plate and watch your bird dive in. (Always play lifeguard in case the bird gets into trouble.)

Can I take my bird into the shower with me?

Shower Time

Take your bird into the shower with you! Birds love this; just be careful not to get any soap or shampoo on the bird, and be sure that the water isn't too hot. You'll be ready to get out of the shower long before your bird is!

Why does my bird like to play with her greens?

Wet lettuce leaves

Some smaller birds like to roll around in wet greens. Give your bird a few large, freshly rinsed lettuce or spinach leaves and watch the fun.

Can I dry my bird with a hair dryer?

Blow dryers

Have you ever used a blow dryer on your parrot? You can, if you set it on low and keep it at a distance . Gently direct the air flow over the bird's feathers and watch them fluff and preen!

How can I give my bird a shower?

Spray Bottles

A spray bottle makes a great bird shower! Fill a clean bottle with cool water and set the nozzle on 'spray' or 'mist'. Spritz the bird lightly. Most birds will love this, and will hang upside down to catch every drop, or will flap their wings and yell with joy.

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