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Why is my bird flashing its eyes?

Flashing eyes

Never try to touch an Amazon or other parrot if it is ‘flashing' its eyes, flaring its tail feathers or growling. These are warning signs. Ignore them or you're sure to be bitten.

What are stress droppings?

stress droppings

Stress or anxiety may cause your bird to have loose, watery droppings. Observe your bird's droppings on a daily basis so that you can tell the difference between healthy droppings and those that may signal a problem.

Is my bird left handed?

Righty or Lefty?

Birds favor a foot, just the same as humans favor a hand. See which foot your parrot holds her snacks and toys with. Is she a lefty or a righty?

Is it safe for my bird to join in holiday parties?

Party time

Many birds love to take part in holiday festivities. This is fine, as long as you make sure they don't have access to any decorations, foil wrapping paper or glass ornaments. Also keep them out of any alcoholic beverages!

What do I do if my bird bites?


If your bird is a biter, try to see what is causing this behavior. Is the bird afraid, unhappy, or bored? Provide plenty of distracting toys and give the bird lots of attention. Never hit a bird for biting!

Should I let people tease my bird?

No teasing!

Don't let anyone tease your bird! Some people think it's funny to poke at a bird or scare it. The bird may react by biting or attacking. Don't scold the bird for this; scold the human!

How can I tell if my bird is scared?

Scared birds

A frightened bird will tighten its feathers and sit very tall. It may also tremble.

How can I tell if my bird wants to be petted?

Pet me, please

Some birds will let you know when they want to be petted by lowering their head, fluffing their feathers and closing their eyes.

What if parties scare my bird?

shy birds and parties

Holiday parties can be a lot of fun for outgoing, friendly birds. Shy or nervous birds should be moved into a quiet room away from the activities if they start to become anxious.

Why does my cockatiel grind its beak?

Beak grinding

Contented cockatiels will grind their beaks.

Why does my bird sleep on one foot?

One foot perching

Healthy birds will sleep or relax while perching on one foot.

Is it okay for my bird to be in the middle of the party?

The life of the party!

Some birds are party animals! Let them enjoy the activities as long as they are comfortable. If they start to become cranky or nippy, give them a break by covering the cage or moving them out of the party area.

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