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How do I tame a bird?

Patience, patience, patience

If you are trying to tame a bird, it's important that you have lots of patience. Remember, the bird doesn't know what you want it to do and may be afraid. Take your time, be persistent and kind, and never hit the bird if it bites you.

Can parakeets talk?

Parakeet vocabulary

Parakeets will speak in hoarse little voices and can build quite a vocabulary!

How do I tame a bird?

Use close quarters

To help tame a frightened, wild bird, take it into a small room, such as a bathroom. Close the door, sit on the floor close to the bird and speak to it in soothing tones. The bird can't get far away from you in such close quarters and will eventually accept your presence. It may take awhile to win the bird's trust, but by using LOTS of patience, it can be done.

Can I get a bird that is guaranteed to talk?

Talking birds

Never buy a bird just because you want one that talks. Some birds develop wonderful vocabularies while others may only learn to say their names. And a bird from a species with the reputation for being great talkers may never say anything! Be prepared to love your bird for who he is, whether he speaks or not.

How can I catch my bird?

Catch that bird!

If your parrot has gotten out of his cage and you're having difficulty catching him, here's what to do. Dim the room lights, give the bird a chance to settle down, and then toss a light weight blanket over him. If the bird is much smaller, such as a finch or canary, use a towel instead of a blanket. Then you can carefully bundle the bird up and put it back inside its cage. Careful! Birds can still bite through the blanket.

How can I teach my bird to talk?

Watch what you say!

Be careful what you say around your birds! Many birds have the ability to speak and tend to pick up words and phrases that they hear spoken in an excited voice. Birds are like children--often they repeat things in company that should only be said in private!

Will my bird repeat bad words if he hears me say them?

Watch your mouth!

Be careful what you say in anger. Birds tend to pick up words that are spoken loudly and with excitement!

Will my female cockatiel learn to talk?

Talking female cockatiels?

Most female cockatiels never learn to speak. There are exceptions on occasion, however.

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