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Why is my cockatiel plucking his feathers?

When Your Cockatiel Plucks His Feathers

Your cockatiel can go from beautiful to bare if he gets into the habit of plucking his feathers. Plucking goes beyond preening or molting. If your cockatiel is creating bare spots, take him to an avian veterinarian. Your vet will check for diseases that cause feather-plucking. If it's not a physical problem, you'll still need to observe your cockatiel closely. At the same time, don't give him any attention when he's plucking. Only pay attention to him when he's being a good bird. In addition, your vet can give you advice on any dietary or environmental changes your cockatiel may need.

Is it okay for my bird to eat out of the dog or cat´s dish?

Sharing dishes

Don't let your bird eat from the same dish as the dogs or the cat. Bacteria from the salivia of the other pets may make your bird sick.

Is it safe for my bird to be around my other pets?

Always Supervise Interaction

Never leave your bird unattended when other pets have access to it. It only takes a moment for a tragic attack to occur.

Is my bird teasing the dog when it whistles for him?

Playing tricks

Some birds learn to tease or scold other family pets. Many times dogs have been fooled into thinking their master was whistling for them when in fact it was the bird!

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