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How do I stop my parrot when it´s screaming?

Don't yell!

Never yell at a screaming parrot! It will think you're playing along with it and will just scream more. Instead, try whispering or speaking softly. The bird will have to stop yelling to hear what you are saying to it.

How can I make my bird stop screaming?

Cover the Cage

If the bird won't stop screaming, first make sure nothing is wrong. If the bird isn't hurt or frightened but is simply screaming for the fun of it, try covering the cage with a blanket or dimming the room lights. If all else fails, remove the bird to a quiet, darkened room.

What do I do if my bird is screaming?

Don't Reward Screaming

Never give a bird a treat to try and quieten him! The bird perceives this as a reward and will continue to scream until given the treat. Your bird is highly intelligent and it won`t take him long to realize that if he screams, you will hand over a treat. Scream=treat. Don`t start this cycle!

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