stress droppings

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What are stress droppings?

stress droppings

Stress or anxiety may cause your bird to have loose, watery droppings. Observe your bird's droppings on a daily basis so that you can tell the difference between healthy droppings and those that may signal a problem.



3/28/2007 12:15:00 AM
christine said:

In have a conure bird.almost 1 yeart old in may,He making low tone voice with watery dropping's (green and white and watery)a little more solid tonite.I have'nt given him broccoli since I had him for 3 week's and will have some tomorrow.I read on your faq .Also I now had to add a heater near the draft near the sliding door,may be he starting to get sick? help me with what I have to go on that I know.He love's alot of attention,and I have been busy these last two week's during the day.He was in the store whrer passing people would see him every day till I bought him.


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