Community breeding/parakeets

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Why won´t my parakeets breed?

Community breeding/parakeets

Parakeets need the company of other parakeets to breed. It's unusual for a single pair with no other parakeets around to produce young.



8/4/2006 6:00:13 PM
Bob said:

I must have a very unusual pair because they have raised babys for me and they are the only birds i have.

9/3/2006 2:40:56 PM
Regina said:

This can't be true. I am new to this. I bought a bird which turned out to be male and a wonderful pet. I bought a very young female the next year. I got a nesting box a year after I got the female and bang!!! Five baby parakeets. She laid four eggs the first time. One she pecked open to soon. The other just didn't hatch. The next time around, weeks after I removed the old eggs, she started laying again. All five hatched.

6/6/2007 11:07:46 AM
renee said:

mine laid immediatly and raised babies successfully the first time around with only a pair also. I think that was a bad tip, because if they want to breed they will, if they dont want to, they wont. I raised 5 accidentally, and have more in the nest box. All happy.

1/2/2009 2:27:07 PM
ANGEL said:

Will my birds lay eggs without a nesting box? How will I know if my birds are breeding? They kiss alot and are extremely in love I bought them a year ago and didn't know why she hadn't laid eggs yet. I just read that they won't breed without other birds so how many more do I need?


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