Bird Frequently Asked Questions

What dog toys are okay for birds?

Is vitamin K important?

Is non-stick cookware dangerous?

What do I do if my bird bites?

Are Cheerios all right for birds?

what is candling?

What fruits should I offer my finches or canaries?

How can I tell if my bird is sick?

How can I tell if my bird has a sinus infection?

What foods should I never give my bird?

Can I feed my toucan Fruit Loops?

Can I get a bird that is guaranteed to talk?

Is it okay for my bird to play in the water?

What are stress droppings?

How should I bird-proof my home?

What can I use for a bathtub for my little birds?

How can I make bottom grates easier to clean?

Is grated carrot good for cockatiels?

Can Air Purifiers help with bird dust?

Why is my bird so dusty?

Why does my bird sleep on one foot?

Can I give my bird corn on the cob?

Is lead dangerous to birds?

Can I feed my bird peas or beans?

Why wonīt my parakeets breed?

What if parties scare my bird?

How do I choose a safe toy?

Should I cover my birdīs cage?

What should go into a bird first aid kit?

How wide should the cage be?

Why does my cockatiel grind its beak?

Can parakeets talk?

What does it mean if my bird is īclickingī when he breathes?

Should I let people tease my bird?

How do I know if the cage is tall enough for my bird?

How large a cage should I get?

Is it safe for my bird to be around my other pets?

Why is my bird flashing its eyes?

What can I do to make molting easier on my bird?

How big does the cage door need to be?

What shape cage is best for my bird?

What are blood feathers?

Is my bird teasing the dog when it whistles for him?

Is it okay for my bird to eat out of the dog or catīs dish?

Will my female cockatiel learn to talk?

What do I do if my bird is screaming?

Will frequent bathing help my bird through the molt?

Why does my bird like to play with her greens?

How can I make my bird stop screaming?

How should a healthy birdīs eyes look?

Can my bird stay on my shoulder when Iīm cooking dinner?

What do I do if a blood feather breaks and starts to bleed?

Are ceiling fans dangerous to birds with clipped wings?

Is it okay to let my bird have a sip of beer or wine?

Why should I have my new bird seen by the vet?

Are self-cleaning ovens dangerous to birds?

How do I tame a bird?

Is it okay for my bird to bathe in the sink?

What is a clutch?

Why havenīt my new pairīs eggs hatched?

How many eggs do cockatiels and finches lay per clutch?

Are hinges safe?

What can I use for fun, free bird toys?

Is whole wheat bread okay to feed?

What should I do if my bird is bleeding?

Can my bird join in on holiday parties?

Is it safe for my bird to join in holiday parties?

How do I stop my parrot when itīs screaming?

Should the perches all be the same size?

Why does my brooding hen take so many baths?

Are slide-out bottom cages okay?

How should the cage bars be spaced?

What can I offer my bird if he isnīt hungry or thirsty?

What do I do if my bird loses his appetite?

What are some symptoms of illness?

Should I scratch away the old dried feather sheaths?

Is it safe to leave glasses of soda where my bird can find them?

What does tail-bobbing mean?

Is peanut butter okay for my bird?

How can I catch my bird?

How can I keep my bird from bathing in his water cup?

Do small birds need large cages?

Are round cages okay?

How many nest baskets do I need in an aviary for finches?

What will make it easier to feed and water my bird?

How should I serve fresh fuits or veggies?

Can I dry my bird with a hair dryer?

Is it okay to sleep with my bird?

What cages are easiest to access food and water cups?

Is caffeine dangerous to birds?

Is it safe for my bird to play on the furniture?

How can I tell if my bird has been vomiting?

Is it safe for my bird to play around open containers of water?

Is it safe for my bird to play on the floor?

Can I feed my bird table scraps?

Are swings good toys for birds?

Can I take my bird into the shower with me?

Should I keep my bird warm after a bath?

Is my bird left handed?

How should I position the perches?

Why do strangers freak out my nesting birds?

Why is my pet bird so mean now that sheīs on eggs?

Why is my hen having such messy droppings?

Why are my birdīs droppings loose after he eats fruits?

How can I tell if my bird wants to be petted?

How can I get my shy bird to accept a new toy?

Why do my birdīs vent feathers look stained or matted?

Why should I quarantine new birds?

Why is my bird sneezing?

Is it okay for my bird to take food from my mouth?

Should I offer lots of water?

What are seed moths?

How can I safely keep my bird outside?

Will my bird repeat bad words if he hears me say them?

How can I tell if my bird is scared?

How can I give my bird a shower?

What do I do if my bird is sick?

Is it okay for my bird to be in the middle of the party?

Can I give my bird rice or pasta?

Can I give my bird human medications?

Is a seed only diet okay for birds?

What are some items I should keep my bird away from?

Can I take my bird outside with me?

Can other people give my birds snacks?

How can I keep my bird from crashing into mirrors and windows?

What can I use to make a bathtub for my smaller birds?

How are doors and windows dangerous to birds?

Is paint dangerous to birds?

Are sunflower seeds okay to give my bird on a regular basis?

Can I feed my bird dry cereal?

Should I keep my make-up items out of reach of my bird?

How can I teach my bird to talk?

How do I tame a bird?

Where can I find great bird toys?

How can I keep my Parrots toenails trimmed?

What kind of perches work best for keeping my parrots toenails trimmed

What kind of perches work best for keeping my parrots toenails trimmed

Why is my cockatiel plucking his feathers?

Recent Bird Questions

Q. my parakeet has already gave birth to 5 eggs. one hatched and she is always sitting on it and on the other 4 eggs. is she suppose to sit on the chick?
Also, should i put a small can of water in the nest box, so that she can drink alot of water, or i should just leave the water outside the nest box?
also, my male parakeet goes inside the nest box . i dont really know what he does there. can you please tell me what this means.
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Q. How long does it take for a bird to learn to talk?
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Q. My canary has a sick foot,it stays at the bottom of the cage,he is eating his food but looks very sick,also there is some sort of scale on both feet and appears too be swollen,please help?.
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Q. my bird`s mate just died and shes all alone. So I was wondering if a I should get her another ?
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Q. it is me agian with a few more questions about my parakeet...she dose not like water at all...if i put her by a sink with a little water she dose not like it...and she crawls up my arm to get away from the water...and if i use the spray bottle she flys away into the corrnor...and i do not want to corrner her beacuse she might stop trusting me so can you give me some tips...she is also attracted to a mirror in her cage and i tryed to put that in the water beacuse then she will see her refelection in it and she might think it is ok...please help me
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Q. Where can I find CD to help parrot talk in spanish....
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Q. is there any way to make my paraqeet more playfull..she is never playing with anything..all she dose it sit there lol
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Q. I`ve tried to convert my parakeet from seeds to zupreme fruit pellets. He won`t eat the pellets. Would he eventually eat them rather than starve? He went 2 days without eating once I went from 50/50 seed/pellets to 100% pellets.
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Q. how do i bath my love bird. i dont know how to bath my bird and it is getting to become stink please help me out here?
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Q. Dear Bird Guru,
When I was younger, around 8 years old, I got an Alexandrine parrot as a pet whom I hand fed and had for about 6 years. She was a very tame happy bird until we got a dog, and she started to get a little bit weird. She would pluck her feathers and make really loud noises. Not knowing what to do, my mother called the breeder and he told us that she needed a mate, and to give her back to him. Its been 3 years, and she hasnt bred, although she is with a male bird. I worry everyday about her because now that I work with birds in a pet store, I know there are other things you could do for your parrot before you result to giving her up. I feel terrible for what happened and I would do anything to have her back and make things right. I am willing to work with her but I am worried if bringing her back home would be worse for her. Since she`s been at the breeder she was not played with and just stayed with the other bird but I really think she wasnt meant to be a breeder bird because she was our pet for 6 years. Please, what is the best thing we can do? Would it be wrong to take her back? Would she have more trouble adapting...? I cant stop thinking about her and Im willing to do whatever it takes.
Thank you for your time,
Amanda Dookie
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